Erik B. Haugen

Erik Haugen has resided in Los Angeles for the past 19 years. He specializes in film finance & development and only chooses specific projects he believes in. He works directly with the financiers, producers, writers, directors, cast and crew from development to market. Erik was formerly VP of business development at Commercial Capital Plus and worked on multi-million dollar transactions daily, securing funding and financing for multiple industries such as film, technology, energy and international real estate. Erikis excited to be working on a slate of films that will be announced fall of 2017. He focuses on solutions and strategic partnerships with sales, distribution, studios, public relations, product placement and merchandising companies to acquire the highest level of return for all parties involved. Erik is also developing and will be producing other films such as: “Nuvolari” A film about the Legendary Italian Grand Prix driver Tazio Nuvolari and Enzo Ferrari winning against the Nazi’s in the 1935 German Grand Prix. Another film “LOMBARDI” A film about Green Bay Packers Head coach Vince Lombardi taking the Packers from the worst team in the NFL to winning the '59 Super Bowl in his first season of coaching.  “THE RED BLANKET” a film about a young peasant orphan in Spain rising to the arena of bull fighting and becomes a Matador and reunites with his first love against all odds. An untitled “HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN” film about the strange and unusual life of HC Andersen from 1805-1875 with many speculations and evidence that he was an illegitimate son of King Christian VIII. And “OCEAN  BEACH” a film about a detective in San Francisco searching for the killer of a young attorney that was involved in a ring of Chinese gangs.