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LOST GIRLS is a narrative feature film created to raise awareness of the commercial sexual exploitation of minors in the United States. 


This film will focus both on the ways traffickers recruit children and on the tragic impact these kidnappings have on not just the victims but also their families.

LOST GIRLS aims to explore THE CHALLENGES the police and other organizations face in:

  • fighting sex trafficking
  •  helping rescued children recover from the shame and trauma
  • protecting rescued victims from the threats of their former traffickers

Compelling in both story and action, LOST GIRLS is a tale of triumph over adversity, of hope over shame. Shooting is currently scheduled to begin in OCTOBER 2017 and will result in a PG-13 film that is suitable for teenagers and families alike.

Once LOST GIRLS is finished, we will promote it through festival and community screenings that will help raise awareness about this important issue. The film will then reach the world through traditional distribution pipelines while also being made available to non-profit organizations fighting human trafficking.

The LOST GIRLS feature film will be accompanied by the LOST GIRLS short, which was completed in 2016, as well as an educational documentary (currently in development) and various supplemental and educational tools. 

We hope you will help us in our efforts.


After escaping from a sex trafficking ring, a teenage girl struggles to reconnect with herself and her family.

Ultimately, in order to find herself and rescue others, she must confront her own fears and choose to help the police track down her traffickers—no matter the cost. 


On the night of her violin recital, talented fifteen-year-old Angie Morgan’s innocent, suburban life is upended by an older boy who drugs her and sells her to a sex trafficking ring. After two long years as a sex slave, Angie finally escapes with the help of Zoe, her one friend inside the ring, but Zoe herself is not so lucky. Alone and heartbroken with her friend still held by the traffickers, Angie returns home to find that “normal” life is somehow anything but normal.

Burdened by her severe PTSD and guilt, Angie shies away from both her family and the police, terrified that the traffickers will return for her (or worse yet, her little sister) if she talks. Then Angie meets Rachel, a previous trafficking victim turned caseworker who is desperately searching for the girl she once hoped to adopt—Zoe. As Rachel lends her strength, Angie begins to consider standing up to the traffickers for the first time ever, but when her kidnappers burn another girl alive as a violent warning, will Angie’s terror win out over her love for Zoe?




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LOST GIRLS (Short Film)

The award-winning short film version of LOST GIRLS (2016) was used by many non-profit organizations as a fund raising tool. It was presented by our president, Julia Verdin at a World Bank Conference in 2016 to attendees from the United Nations as a case study of "social message filmmaking."


Julia Verdin


Janet Odogwu & Julia Verdin

Executive Producer

Sean Michael Acosta

Director of Photography

Peter Holland


Drama, Thriller, Faith