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Hailey and Dan Morgan are a regular all-American couple, dealing with the typical problems many parents face with working long hours to provide their teenage daughters with the best education and opportunities.

 Never in a million years did they ever think their teenage daughter would be trafficked and their happy family life upended.

This emotional drama showcases the devastatingly real problem we are facing in America today and our hope is to raise awareness of this issue.

Teenager Angie Morgan is recruited by a boy her age who claims to have just moved to the area and takes an interest in her love of music. When her parents don’t turn up for her school music recital, Angie accepts Mario’s invite to meet his uncle, who she is told is established in the music business and can help her reach her goals. In the midst of what she thought was going to be an audition of sorts, Angie is raped and abused. They threaten to show her parents a video of her rape if she tries to escape.

Full of shame and fear, Angie resigns herself to her new life. As the story unfolds, we are taken through both the family’s journey of dealing with their loss, and Angie’s ways of surviving in her situation. When Angie finally escapes and is brought home, the family is faced with a very different daughter from the one they knew, and Angie is confronted with many tough choices on her journey to recovery.


Everyday, the sex trafficking industry grows rampant and continues to hold a global threat on our children’s innocence and safety. Sex trafficking is so out of control now that it has become the second largest criminal activity in the US alone. Education and awareness are desperately needed to prevent future entrapment of innocent minors. Anyone, regardless of their age, sex, race, or demographic can fall victim to traffickers, which is why it is so vital for our communities to understand the reality of this dangerous epidemic. Slavery cannot continue to exist in this modern age.

The practice of narrative story telling is how we as filmmakers spark awareness and unleash real issues to the public eye. The movie, ANGIE: LOST GIRLS, focuses on the various methods that traffickers use to recruit children. Communities that are aware of signs and symptoms will feel safer knowing their teenagers understand the types of situations to avoid and parents can recognize signs of trafficking and alert officials.

Our goal with this film is to encourage people to step forward and actively support local organizations working towards change. We want ANGIE: LOST GIRLS to inspire audiences to use their voice and support the victims who were and still are forced to endure the brutal injustice of this slavish market.

Big issues with little attention need a powerful voice that can send a message to the world. The awareness created through the film, Blood Diamond, has changed the way many diamond mining companies operate and has also allowed individuals to understand the issues surrounding ‘conflict diamonds.’

ANGIE: LOST GIRLS explores the CHALLENGES that police and other organizations face:

  • fighting to stop and prevent sex trafficking
  • aiding rescued children through their recovery in rehabilitation homes
  • protecting rescued victims from the threats of their former traffickers

Compelling in both story and action, ANGIE: LOST GIRLS is a tale of triumph over adversity, of hope over shame that will be a PG-13 film that is suitable for teens and families. Currently this film is in release  and available to organizations, NGOs, schools, colleges and institutions wishing to use it for educations and awareness. We also have supplemental educational materials available.

Once ANGIE: LOST GIRLS has won many awards, played in many film festivals around the world with educational Q+A’s after and is currently available on a number of distribution platforms worldwide,

The film is regularly used for community and outreach screenings and is available for educational purposes to NGO’s fighting human trafficking.

As well as the feature film, we also have an EPK, a short educational documentary, various supplemental tools such as educational presentations to go with it (more info below).
We cannot do this alone — but together we can.

Where to Watch!

ANGIE: LOST GIRLS is now available on:

AT&T U-Verse
Dish Network/Sling TV
iN DEMAND (Altice)
Vubiquity  (Verizon Fios)
Hoopla (libraries)
Swank (colleges, hospitals)
Google Play
YouTube Movies
PlayStation (available via PS Video app and console)

DVD available via, and

Upcoming film festival screenings

Angie: Lost Girls Screening



On Sunday 25th October   7.00pm – 9.30pm

Screening followed by panel with trafficking experts/

Venue: The Embassy Theatre

Address125 W Jefferson Blvd, Fort Wayne, INDIANA  46802

For Tickets:

All patrons must wear a mask, face covering, or face shield upon entry to the Embassy Theatre (in accordance with the statewide mandate), but you may remove it while eating or drinking at a table or when seated in the theatre.

SEE IT AND END IT FESTIVAL – NOV 17TH – NOV 22ND 2020 – virtual film fest

We will be the Closing Night film on 22nd Nov and be doing a panel after with experts in Trafficking


The projection of the film will take place from November 27th to December 3rd, 2020 at Nuovo Cinema Aquila in Rome.

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Veteran filmmaker Julia Verdin is a multi-hyphenate – she is known as an accomplished Producer, award-winning Director and has written a number of screenplays.

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Julia Verdin’s ‘Angie: Lost Girls’ is a powerful story with a gripping real world message revolving around the victims of sex trafficking.

Angie: Lost Girls Wins 2 Awards

Angie: Lost Girls on child trafficking win 2 awards at The Moving Parts film festival for best feature film and Best actress!

We are delighted to provide you access to our comprehensive electronic Press Kit and hi-res Film Poster.

This press kit focuses on the Angie: Lost Girls film. It contains:

  1. A note from director Julia Verdin
  2. Cast and Crew Interviews
  3. Behind-the-Scenes Photographs and Stills,
  4. Key information statistics on sex trafficking,
  5. and much more!
Download Press Kit

According to Unicef, 1.2 million children are trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation every year and by 2020, child sex trafficking will overtake drugs and weapons as society’s most pervasive crisis.

The main reason we were inspired to make ANGIE: LOST GIRLS is to help communities, the press, and local organizations in spreading the word about this reprehensible crime and creating awareness. Trafficking might be happening in the backyard of those whom you care about. We would love to help facilitate your hosting a screening for your community.

Please fill the following form to request a copy of the film.