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Celebrate Julian Lennon’s Birthday

Happy Birthday to our advisory board member, Julian Lennon and all the wonderful work he does with it!

This is one of our favorite programs that they support — helping keep girls safe and in school because an educated girl will change her world.

In countries like Ethiopia when girls loose their parents if they are not given an education they have no life skills to survive and can get trafficked or be unable to support themselves. Girls from low-income families need skills and education to have a chance in life. We can take education for granted but for these children it can make a huge difference in how they live the rest of their lives or if they even get to live a full life.

Help keep girls safe and in school, because an educated girl will change her World!

Melkam Lidet, Julian!

Thank you for believing in us! Your dedication to Studio Samuel has kept girls in school, which prevents them from entering into child labour, child marriage or trafficking. Our students now have options, and some are heading to college, because of you and your community. We are so very grateful!

— Amesegenallo, The Studio Samuel Team

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