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‘Angie: Lost Girls’ Review: Powerful Story Aims to Educate

Angie: Lost Girls’ review: Powerful story aims to educate
Angie: Lost Girls’ review: Powerful story aims to educate

Angie: Lost Girls is one of those movies that is an engrossing, yet difficult watch. Angie Morgan (Jane Widdop) is a sixteen year old interested in boys, ice cream, and music. A chance encounter leads her into the world of sex trafficking. After escaping, Angie tries to reconnect with the family she has been seperated from for years while dealing with her past.

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Director Julia Verdin (who also co wrote the screenplay with Janet Odogwu) did not set out to make an entertaining movie with a message. Angie: Lost Girls is meant to inform and educate audiences about a real problem that often gets overlooked. Verdin – who volunteered at a runaway shelter in Los Angeles – brings personal insight that is not normally found in similar films.

Angie: Lost Girls is gripping. The character arc for the main character transcends the “person overcoming a difficult struggle” tale these movies often turn in to. Obviously, Angie’s story is the one being told, but Verdin also includes what makes her journey different from others in the same situation. This adds a layer of realism…

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