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Dylan Sprayberry Offers Jane Widdop a Present in Angie: Lost Girls Exclusive Clip

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Confronting their shame and fear in order to help their peers who are in the same dangerous situation can be a harrowing situation for many teens. But actress Jane Widdop, who plays the title protagonist in the new drama, ‘Angie: Lost Girls,’ is bravely doing just that after she escapes the sordid world of sex trafficking, and sets out to save the girls who were left behind.

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Freestyle Digital Media is distributing the film on VOD today. In honor of the movie’s release, ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from the feature.

In the clip, Angie is setting with her new boyfriend, Mario, who’s played by Dylan Sprayberry. After he givs her a present, which she graciously accepts, he offers to speak to his uncle, who works in the music business, on her behalf. He tells her that he believes in, especially when it comes to her dream of pursuing music, but he also wants to take things slowly in their relationship.

‘Angie: Lost Girls’ marks the feature film writing and directorial debuts of Julia Verdin, who also served as a producer on the drama. The filmmaker co-wrote the script with Janet Odogwu Butters. In addition to Widdop and Sprayberry, the movie also stars Olivia d’Abo, MC Lyte, Amin Joseph and Anthony Montgomery.

Freestyle Digital Media has unveiled the following synopsis for ‘Angie: Lost Girls’:

Angie Morgan is deep in her rebellious teen phase, and acts out against her absent parents with her secret new boyfriend, Mario. However, unbeknownst to her, Mario is a reluctant agent of a vast sex trafficking network, and he’s forced to drag Angie into a horrifying world of rape and abuse. As the police and her heartbroken parents fight to find her, Angie and the other trafficked girls struggle to maintain hope and stay alive.

When Angie finally escapes and is brought home, she’s haunted by the atrocities done to her and by the shadowy figures still pursuing her. She must eventually confront the shame and fear that were instilled in her in order to save the girls she left behind.

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